IronRuby tools for visual studio .rbproj is extremely buggy when using TFS source control


Steps to repro
  1. Install IronRuby 1.1.3 + Tools
  2. Create some .rb files in a folder and check them into team foundation server manually (or locate some existing .rb files if you have them already checked in)
  3. Create a new .rbproj in that folder and add it to a blank solution in VS2010
  4. Observe the .rbproj will scoop up all the .rb files and show them all in the solution explorer, which is nice... However:
    Issue 1: If you make an external change to any file that is listed in the .rbproj, visual studio will mark the file as pending DELETE. If you try and undo the change, it will re-delete it immediately. You must close the solution or rbproj before you can undo the unwanted delete.
    A comical scenario which shows this bug is to do a get latest when someone else has changed many files (eg: file line endings or something) without remembering to shut down your solution first. It results in VS2010 attempting to delete all the files the other person edited... it's like it's jealous or something.
    Issue 2: When you close the solution to undo the files, VS2010 will often crash. VS2010 also often crashes when trying to undo a normal edit, not just the phantom deletes.
    Issue 3: VS2010 often crashes when doing other things that affect the file structure under a "tracked" folder (for example if your program creates a new log file it will try and show it in the solution explorer which sometimes leads to a crash)
    Issue 4: Heaven forbid you try to run rdoc... VS2010 attempts to show the entire 'doc' tree as it is built, which leads to many refreshes of the file tree, and invariably a crash.
    Issue 5: There is no way to tell the .rbproj to ignore specific files or subfolders.
    Issue 6: If you have a large tree structure (for example, I had the IronRuby distribution under my project's directory for ease-of-deployment), VS2010 will crash. You cannot work around this because of Issue 5.
    Issue 7: When "scooping up" the files to put in it's .rbproj, it will sometimes add files which are already present. This leads to double entries in the solution explorer, and also double entries in the XML structure of the .rbproj
    Issue 8: Source control bindings will often fail to work when reloading a solution. Solutions need to often be reloaded due to the frequent crashing, and when you do, VS2010 shows that the .rbproj is bound to the TFS server, yet the files do not show source control icons, and checkout via Ctrl+S does not work, etc. You must manually remove and re-add the project bindings to get it to work again.
    This often happens randomly - eg if I have 2 .rbproj's in a solution, the TFS bindings will fail for one project, but not the other one (and the failing project may differ each time)