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Issues and Features reporting

When reporting a bug or a missing feature, regardless of whether it's through the Issue Tracker above or the mailing list, please provide the following information.


A short-but-descriptive explanation of the issue.


Please include the following information here:
  • IronRuby version - This is the output of ir.exe -v for binary releases, or the SHA1 GIT commit if you are building from sources, and if it is a Debug build or a Release build
  • Platform - Version of CLR or Mono, OS, machine type
  • MRI results - For pure Ruby code, does it work with ruby.exe?
  • Exception information
    • For cases where the exception backtrace is printed to the scree, full output of ir.exe -ExceptionDetail <your_app.rb>
    • For cases where the application catches the exception, or if the backtrace output is not accurate, the call stack from the Call Stack window in VS after running using ir.exe -D <your_app.rb>, and enabling catching of all Exceptions under the "Debug" menu.

Attach File

If the reproduction is too large, please upload a file.


  • Proposed - All issues should be created in this state. Indicates that the issue has yet to be triaged.
  • Active - A issue should never be created in this state. Indicates that the issue has been triaged, and assigned to a developer.
  • Fixed - Issue has been triaged, and a fix is available in the developers private branch.
  • Closed - The fix has been merged into the main ironruby repository, and has been verified to fix the issue.


  • Issue The behavior of IronRuby is incorrect or confusing
  • Feature IronRuby requires completely new behavior
  • Task Any other IronRuby work to track (website issue, documentation, etc)


This field can be filled in by issue creator or by the triage-r, but it needs to be filled in when anything but Proposed.
  • Low Not a big deal, but you'd like to see it fixed.
  • Medium The issue is a big deal, but there is a work-around.
  • High The issue is a HUGE deal, and there is no work-around. Or IronRuby crashes.


The release where this bug will be fixed. The triage-r must fill this in.

Assigned To

Developer this issue is assigned to. Please do not fill this in when proposing an issue; the triage-r will fill this in. This value can be "Unassigned" and "Active" at the same time; this means it's open to the community for ownership.


What part of the system the issue is related to. Please fill this in when submitting an issue.

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